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We see storytelling as a living and breathing process that must be nurtured into existence by a team of visionary creatives working in perfect unison.
It's more than just shooting pretty pictures to make something click and tick with audiences. We're in the business of making human connections with viewers and that all starts with finding everything we can about you.

So get ready to make new friends and get cozy with our team of creatives!



Our work has been recognized by more than just our mothers and close friends. We’ve garnerd 5 Emmys, a Telly, and won a handful of film festivals awards both nationally and internationally. 


Executive Producer

An old soul with a young sense of humor. Can spot a PDF a mile away and holds the record for the longest Zoom ever held in the northern hemisphere.



Nautical X-Man. Can tie a knot with his eyes closed and outdrink the entire German national soccer team on a Tuesday. Vacations like an expat.


Production Manager

Professional salsa dancer, shot-caller, and undercover mafia house-wife. The glass is always half-full until she drinks it.



Rebel with and without a crew who thrives on little sleep and power naps. Legend has it he is madly in love with the art of storytelling and is only capable of crying while watching movies.



Cinematic mind-craft and gear junkie with an appetite for all things digital. Can take a RED camera completely apart and put it back together in under 8 seconds.


Editor + Sound Op

Can summon any Avenger while sleepwalking and solve any riddle while dreaming.



Animal lover with seven lives. Can make magic happen in a darkroom with a keyboard.


Half human, half Ai Robot with telepathy superpowers. Can fix anything with a roll of Hubba Bubba chewing gum and a paperclip.


Production Assistant

Gen Z video production Wiz-Kid. No task is too big or small.


Location Scout

Can pull a ½ ton grip truck through snow and hail. Loyal and protective of the arts.

Stunning Animations.

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Lightning-fast load times.

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Custom Integrations.

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Pixel-Perfect Development.

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Responsive Design.

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Clean code.

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Scalable CMS.

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Make it pop.

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Optimize SEO.

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No coding needed.

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We kick things off by asking you all the right questions to get a solid grasp on your objectives and desired outcomes, getting a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with the video or campaign. Think of it as your own private pow-wow to unlocking the key to your target market.

Once we have a solid understanding of the objective, we conduct research on your competition and target audience to identify what sets you apart and what your audience wants to see. We don't just stop at surface level insights - we delve deeper to find the unique qualities that will leave a mark.

Then, we gather our team of video ninjas for a brainstorm sesh that's sure to produce some epic ideas. After all that, we put together a statement of work that lays out the plan for the video production, from start to finish. If everything checks out, you’ll give us the green light to move to pre-production and begin the groundwork.


The pre-production phase is the make-or-break moment for a project's success. First up, let’s get real. It's all about story. We take the seed of an idea and turn it into a full-fledged script that will captivate and persuade viewers. From there, we sketch out the shots and camera angles in storyboards and shot lists. It's like bringing your favorite comic book to life, but with moving pictures.

Next up, it's time to assemble the dream team. We scour the land (and internet) for the perfect filming locations, cast some seriously talented actors, and put together a top-notch film crew. We make sure every prop, costume, and set design element is in order-oh yes, we go OCD.

Finally, it's logistics time. We secure all the video gear we need to bring the story to life, map out a shooting schedule like a pro, and send out call sheets that'll make sure everyone knows exactly what's happening and when.

It's like being a conductor leading an orchestra, but with cameras and lights. With all these steps in place, the pre-production process will ensure a smooth shoot and a final product that'll have audiences raving.


Step up to the camera and get ready for action, it's time for the filming phase. We approach every filming project with focused intent, paying close attention to every detail to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

From calling the shots and directing talent with focused intent, to capturing stunning cinematic visuals and clean crisp audio, we’re ready to roll.

Whether it's live action, utilizing green screens for special effects, keeping your lines on-point with a teleprompter, capturing soaring aerial shots with drones, or an immersive experience with 360˚video, every element of your project is considered and executed with precision.


The editing phase is where the magic happens. Our team of video editors slice and dice their way through the raw footage and sound to find the gold before molding it into a solid story that rocks.

With graphics and VFX that pack a punch, voice-over that's smooth like butter, music that'll have you grooving, and sound effects that fully immerse you into the story, get ready to experience magic. And when it's time for the picture lock, you can trust that every shot is placed like a puzzle piece and your story is ready to shine.

The polish phase is where we turn up the volume and add some extra oomph to your story. Color grading accentuates the emotion and the sound mix balances and centers the story. When it's time to deliver the goods, we've got you covered, from format and exports for broadcast and web, to file sharing and archiving deliverables. Did we mention we can help you promote and distribute your production like a boss?



Ask and you shall receive. Our focus on transparent communication and client involvement ensures that you will be fully informed every step of the way. Here are the most common questions we’ve seen over the years.
What type of videos do you specialized in?
Our specialty? Think carefully crafted documentaries, innovative corporate videos, attention-grabbing promos, cinematic music videos, visually stunning narrative films, and oh-so-trendy brand and lifestyle videos.
Do you work with outside agencies or production studios?
Yes! We love teaming up with outside agencies and production studios at the top of their game. As they say, two heads are better than one, and the more creativity and expertise that is brought to the table, the cooler the end product will be. Let's join forces and make some seriously dope content together!
What equipment and technology do you use for video production?
We're equipped to handle all levels of video production from concept to completion. We work with top-of-the-line gear like the Red cameras and cinema lenses, as well as prosumer level equipment when needed or budget requires it. Our editing game is strong, with Davinci Resolve Studio as our go-to, but we also flex our muscles with the entire Adobe Suite. We're tech-savvy and always ready to bring the best to your project.
How do you determine the cost of a video project?
Determining the cost of a video project is like putting together a puzzle. We carefully consider all the pieces, including the scope of work, concept development and art direction, the duration of the video, the type of equipment needed, the number of crew members, and post-production requirements such as editing, color grading, sound design and special effects. Each of these elements is crucial to the final outcome and affects the overall cost. For that reason we take the time to get a clear understanding of your project goals and needs to provide a detailed and accurate quote.
I needed my video yesterday. Can you take on a project last minute?
We understand the pressure of marketing and advertising timelines. Rest assured, we've got you covered. Our award winning in-house video team is full of superheroes in disguise with a proven track record of delivering high-quality work under tight deadlines. Give us a shout and will turn yesterday's needs into today's wins.
Do you offer video production training or workshops?
Funny you ask, yes we do. We've got a top-notch team of Emmy, Telly, and award-winning filmmakers and storytellers who are eager to share their expertise to help you elevate your brand, product or service. We offer in-person group workshops 4 times a year and online digital workshops for all levels monthly. For those of you over achievers ready to wax on, wax off, and quickly go from kid to karate ninja our one-on-one sessions are your best bet.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with others.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced video producer, we have customized workshops to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Contact us for more information and to schedule a session.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, we've got the perfect session tailored just for you. Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge video production knowledge and leave with the skills to bring your creative visions to life. Get ready to make a splash in the industry and contact us now to book your session!”



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